It’s been a while since the last WWDC event last October but with one coming on June 11th where not to far away from the next one, but so far there hasn’t been too much news about what we might see from the event.

So our friend over at GeekwGlassesLive thought he would round everything up into one video, to show you what he thinks will come out on the day.

One of the first things we are positive will be released will be a new MacBook Pro, which according to rumors will have a much thinner design, alongside a new retina display and USB 3.0 ports.

Alongside that, I also think we might see the introduction of Ivy Bridge capable processors in an entirely new Mac range.

The third thing he thinks might be at least reviewed is a new iPhone, but we think there might be more chance of the new device being launched around the October-September timeframe, this is due to the fact that if Apple releases one now the life cycle of the previous iPhone will be drastically reduced.

The third thing that I think is extremely likely to be released is iOS 6, within which I think we could see a new design within the software, and maybe some extra features taken from the Jailbreak community. If you look at the invite above, as these normally hold clues to what will happen in the event, it’s very colorful, but the squares that make up the Apple logo look the same as app icons, this could prove that a new redesign is on the way, maybe some personalisation settings allowing you to change the color of your home screen/ lock screen etc.

And the final famous ‘one last thing’ that we think we are shown off is Mountain Lion, this is more than likely just to be a preview, and maybe even the announcement of some new features?

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