You would be right in thinking that the focus of this year’s CES will be on TVs, much like most of the previous years. However we previously thought that this would be on curved TVs specifically, but now a new rumour might be suggesting that the industry is already looking at 8K resolution TVs.

In specific the report from Digitimes suggests that both Sony and LG will reveal new 8K TVs during the show.

LG are said to also announce a new range of Art Slim TVS during the show, which are said to measure between 7.5mm and 8.2mm thick and come in a range of sizes from 55 to 65 inches.

As of yet we don’t really have much more details than that, but we should hear more about all of the TVs during CES 2015 next week.

We would expect however that the 8K TVs may be a while of release, given that the industry is marketing 4K, its unlikely that they will release a competitor so close to the release of 4K.

However that’s just speculation.

Source Digitimes

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