Yup, it just keeps coming back. The development team over at Jagex have announced earlier in the week that they will be releasing RuneScape 3 this summer.

The game which most of you have probably already spent hours of your childhood playing, is one of the world’s most popular and free MMOA’s, with over 220 million players worldwide registered since it launched in 2001.

RuneScape 3 will include a new HTML5 engine, improved graphics, longer draw distances, new audio and some new design features and questing content.

Phil Masell the game’s Executive Producer said the following in his statement, “RuneScape 3 is a massive update to RuneScape building on 12 years of content to make improvements on all fronts, RuneScape 3 is going to run faster, look better and feel so much more immersive.”

To which the game’s Creative Director, Mark Ogilvie followed with the following statement:

“RuneScape 3 marks a significant moment in RuneScape’s history as the world enters the 6th Age. All our recent content updates have been building up to this point, massive change is coming, and our players will be able to shape the game with the choices they make. Every single player will have the ability to shape the world.”

The game update should be rolling out soon, but as of yet we have no specific release date, in the meantime however you can simply watch the announcement trailer for it below:

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