Not having to pay for in-app purchases has been something people with jailbroken iPhone’s have been able to do for quite some time, but now the tweek has come to non jailbroken phones via one Russian Hacker.

The hack allows users to bypass paying for in-app purchases without the need to jailbreak, you will however have to install a couple of security certificates and a custom DNS entry to user it, but after the you can get all the free in-app purchase goodies you want.

There are a ton of problems with this tweek which are the reasons I would not advice doing it, the first is that its illegal and you can actually get charged for this sort of offense, the second is that some personal data (were not sure how much) gets transferred to the hacker’s server as you use it.

Which is certainly a bit dodgy, especially since his first host kicked him of, and the second site is currently down, check out the video below to see it in action, but I must stress that you should defiantly not try this hack, just pay for your content guys (that includes those of you using adblock 🙂 ).


[via MacRumors]

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