One Russian man has decided that he’s going to sue Bethesda for failing to warn gamers that Fallout 4 would become so addictive, setting the amount at 500,000 rubies or $7,030.

According to the man, who went on a 3-week gaming marathon, the game cost him his health, job and his wife, stating that if he knew how addicting the game was he would have either waiting until the holidays to buy the game, or would have avoided the game completely.

All in all the argument is a little silly, and we would be surprised if the case won the entire amount, however the man’s lawyer is still deciding to go ahead in order to test the waters. In order to win they will have to convince the court that he was genuinely addicted, not just lacking self-discipline.

That said this isn’t the first time that a case like this has been seen, and one American actually received compensation from NCSoft in a case where he claimed he was hooked to Lineage II.

It will certainly be an interesting case to follow.

Source: RT

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