You may have heard of the company Pogoplug for its cloud storage technology, but today the company has announced their move to a different product, called the Safeplug it has been designed to set up your own anonymous network at home and browse the web anonymously.

The Safeplus uses a Linux-based hardware package with the software Tor, that encrypts your traffic and bounces it to other people’s connections, attempting to hide your browsing history. However you should take note that Tor isn’t 100% effective at doing this.

One feature that I personally don’t agree with is the ability to block all ads on the internet, which is a feature that could definitely hurt some of the websites you like to visit, however this probably isn’t a huge problem as Tor may render some websites unusable and may make accessing websites slower.

This can be overcome by whitelisting these websites so they don’t use Tor however.

The device is priced at $49 in the US and can be installed by simply plugging it into your router.

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