How often do you write up a shopping list before you leave the house, with the introduction of the iPhone and iPad it became a lot easier, but no one likes to walk around a supermarket holding their iPhone and defiantly speakers their iPad, but that’s to Sainsbury’s you will be able to dock your iPad straight in the shopping trolley.

Apparently Sainsbury’s have decided to pimp out their trolleys with a sock and even speakers making the shopping trip a lot more secure and fun, as well as this they are going to equip the trolleys with a front bumper and a warning sensor so we don’t get to engrossed in our Angry Birds game.

Ian Burgess of Setwo Designs, who created the trolleys, told The Telegraph:

“Being able to create a gadget that is practical yet innovative is often a challenge but I think with the trolley we’ve cracked it. The trolley can be used in the traditional way for shopping yet streams the latest sports news easily.”

Sky are the people responsible for the development of the trolleys from which they decided to design in order to promote their Sky Go service for mobile devices.

What do you think? Do you think they will ever actually get released? D you think they are a bit much?

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