The UK based supermarket Sainsbury’s has today announced that one branch of their stores is now powered solely from food waste.

The branch to be powered by waste is the one in Cannock, which uses food that has been left over and consumed for electricity, converted to be that way by a company called Riffa.

Currently in their other stores, everything that can be eaten is often donated to charity who use it to feed vulnerable people or process it into animal feed which can then be used to support British farmers.

The new idea is to now turn this extra food waste into bio-methane, which is then used to generate electricity at Riffa’s production plant, which is placed 1.5KM away from the Sainsbury’s store in Cannock.

This is then connected directly to the Sainsbury’s store, which it uses to completely power the entire store.

The company also announced that they may use this same method in other stores, but has not revealed any specific plans.

Source Sainsbury’s

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