Pretty much every month for Sony has been successful with the PlayStation 4 since it was first released back in 2013, and the sales of the device are still incredibly impressive, despite all of that time since the original release date.

This week Sony announced the details of their earnings for the fiscal year ending March 31st, revealing that they have topped all of these numbers with the best year yet for PlayStation 4 shipments.

In their report, Sony revealed that they had shipped 20 million PlayStation 4 units for this fiscal year, which is a pretty huge number for any of the consoles, not just Sony’s.

This now means that the total number of shipped PlayStation 4 units by Sony is at around 60 million. We can also split these numbers up by months as in May of last year Sony revealed that they had shipped 40 million units and then in December this grown to 50 million units, so the company has shipped around 10 million units in the time between December and the end of March.

And the PlayStation 3 is still doing well, which has now sold more than 71 million units in its lifetime.

Sony also revealed the financial details from these shipments, revealing that the gaming division of Sony reached an operating profit of $1.21 billion for this fiscal year, with an increase in sales of 6.3 percent and a 52.9 percent increase in profit.

This means that the gaming division is still Sony’s biggest success.

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