Apple announced the new iPhone 5 yesterday, which came with a camera upgrade amongst other new features, but after seeing the new specs for the camera which include an 8 megapixel sensor camera. 3264 x 2448 resolution, backside illumination, Hybrid IR filter, five-element lens, f/2.4 aperture, we do wonder how good this camera actually is.

Thankfully Apple has released a set of images to show us what we can expect from the camera once it hits the shop, which unlike Nokia’s are “actual pictures taken with the iPhone 5”.

And I have to say they do look pretty awesome, one thing to note, as you may know when you take a photo with the iPhone and transfer it to your computer the images are absolutely huge, so we have had to reduce their size to fit in the article, so any problems may be our fault, we however haven’t noticed any.

Alongside the new camera there are also some more features, including a Panorama mode, which can take a 28 megapixel image across an entire landscape, which looks amazing so far.

But we won’t know until we actually get our hands on the phone, so look out for the review.

In the meantime check out the images we mentioned before, below.

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