Samsung has just kicked off their press conference at IFA 2013, due to announce a selection of new products, the first they announced was the expected Samsung Galaxy Note 3, which they say is now thinner, lighter and larger.

As you might expect the most notable feature in the Note 3 is its screen, featuring a larger 5.7 inch screen Samsung has expanded the screen from the Note 2’s 5.5 inch screen, but still keeping the weight to only 168 grams.

Alongside which, Samsung have also updated the S Pen to bring a ton of new features to make using the phone a lot easier, the first feature is Air Command which allows you to bring up a menu wheel that you can use to open up various apps and actions.

Next up is Action Memo which allows you to quickly save scribbled memos and drawings, there’s also a pretty cool feature called Scrapbook which allows you to quickly save images and data by drawing a circle around it, which will include a link to the source so you can go back to it later.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will launch globally from September 25th.

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