If you don’t have a lot of storage on your phone or tablet then you might be very interested in Samsung’s new storage option, which is the “world’s” highest capacity microSD card, which is ready to store an obscene amount of data in an extremely small size.

It has been named the EVO Plus microSD card and is set for release this June, offering a massive 256GB of storage for your mobile usage needs, whilst offering 90MB/s write speeds to make it great for recording on devices like a GoPro or drone.

And with this tiny microSD card you can store up to 55,200 photos, 12 hours of 4K footage and up to 46 hours of HD video.

This has all come after Samsung announced that they would be bringing desktop-level storage to mobile devices in February, finally taking up that promise.

That said, this kind of technology does come at a cost, with a suggested retail price at $249.99 for the card, but it does come with a 10-year warranty and claims to be X-ray proof, waterproof, magnetic-proof and temperature-proof.

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