Today Samsung announced that it has partnered with the British telecommunications company Arqiva, with which the pair plan to trailer 5G connections throughout the UK.

The two companies announced plans to work with each other in order to launch something that they are calling Fixed Wireless Access.

With this, the pair are seeking to demonstrate that 5G can be a decent alternative to fibre broadband, pathing the way for its implementation across the UK.

Simon Beresford-Wylie, CEO of Arqiva said the following about the news:

“5G will be a crucial pillar of the UK’s economy in the 2020s. The smarter network infrastructure and an enhanced ability to support exponential scale for connectivity will open the doors to further applications across a variety of markets such as IoT, industrial applications and the full promise of autonomous vehicles.”

“Our trial with Samsung will demonstrate the enormous potential of 5G FWA as an alternative to fibre for delivering ultra-high speed connectivity to homes and businesses.”

This new trail will be taking place during the second half of 2017 in London, where they will deploy an “end-to-end 5G FWA solution network in the city centre”.

The network will operate in the 28GHz band and will use Samsung’s 5G Access Units to take advantage of the wave spectrum and then use advanced technologies such as beam-forming to provide 5G high-density coverage and bandwidth connectivity to equipment that has been installed in nearby homes or offices.

You can read more about the launch at the source link below.

Source: Samsung

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