You may remember that some clever dude from XDA Developers developed a version of S Voice that could run on any Android device yesterday, but already Samsung has started to block the application running on devices that do not say Galaxy S III on the back.

If you installed the APK yesterday then you may have already noticed this, receiving this message when trying to load the app, “Network error. Please try again.” This is all part of a team up between Samsung and Vlingo, with the aim to reject requests from any unsupported device.

But the fine people over at XDA Developers have noticed that although the S Voice requests are going to Vlingo’s servers, but there is no response from them and it seems that they are rejecting any requests that are made from a handset that isn’t a Galaxy S III:

At the moment we start using S Voice we are sending all the following info to them:

X-vlclient: DeviceMake=samsung; DeviceOSName=Android; DeviceModel=Galaxy Nexus; DeviceOS=4.0.4; Language=en-US; ConnectionType=DirectTCP; Carrier=[my Carrier]; CarrierCountry=[my Country]; DeviceID=[my IMEI]; AudioDevice=Android

Looks easy to them to deny the requests from the phones other than Galaxy SIII. And they are doing this obviously, look at the response: HTTP 340 HTTP/1.0 404 Not Found
Expert Info (Chat/Sequence): HTTP/1.0 404 Not Found

So they  have now found a fix that is to simply change the phone’s build.prop file:

Just edit the build.prop and problem solved!

Yep, confirmed.

model=Galaxy Nexus


So, like I said, it’s not a whitelist, it’s a blacklist. 

Via [XDA Developers and The Next Web]

Did you get the chance to use the S Voice app on your handset before it was blocked?

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