A lot of manufacturers have been providing cheaper touchscreen devices for the masses, the original of which was the LG Cookie, which went from outperforming many other phones, to becoming a huge success selling millions of copies, after this Samsung set out to capitalise on this growing market and produce their own budget phones, then came the Tocco and Tocco Lite and later the Corby/ Genio range.

originally the Corby was known as the Genio Touch from which came other models are known as the Genio Pro and Genio QWERTY, all of which had become extremely successful and offered an awesome touchscreen packed into a mid-range phone, the new Corby is has similar features but has some cool coloured front and back casing.

The Corby II includes some great features that have been improved from the original device, it comes with a larger 3.2-inch screen as well as a brilliant web browsing experience, with Wi-Fi capabilities, as well as an improved TouchWiz UI.

One of the most noticeable features of the Corby II is the absence of the Cartoon UI for the more favourable TouchWiz interface, providing the phone with a brilliant social networking integration for Facebook and Twitter.

Live Widgets is also including within the Samsung UI which allowed you to place any widget of your choice onto your home screen much like what other Samsung phones currently use, alongside this the Corby II also includes some excellent entertainment features including Samsung’s music recognition software and a media player which supports a wide variety of both music and video playback, the phone also features a 2 megapixel camera with VGA support as well as an FM radio and up to 16GB storage.

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