In a couple of videos that were released on Samsung Display’s Korean YouTube channel, it seems that the company may have just revealed a device that could be the long-rumoured Samsung Galaxy S8.

In the videos, we can see a smartphone that has incredibly thin bezels on each side, with the widest side being the top and bottom of the display which is presumably due to the top speaker.

It’s possible that this device is simply a prototype, especially given that it doesn’t have any branding on it, however, since we have previously heard that the S8 will have an extremely thin bezel, it’s possible that it will be or at leat look similar to the device that is shown in these videos.

Sadly, the videos are in Korean, so it doesn’t show all too much, but we can see that the display will be AMOLED with a 100 percent colour gamut.

We expect to see official stuff about the Samsung Galaxy S8 at this year’s MWC, but before then, you can check out those videos below.

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