Over the last few weeks, Samsung’s Note 7 smartphone has been blowing up, literally.

We have heard a number of stories from people who’s Note 7’s have burnt down everything from their homes all the way up to their cars, it’s a huge issue that forced Samsung to recall the smartphone globally, and even miss the launch of the smartphone in the UK.

Rightly so, a number of customers may not trust Samsung as much as they once did, but in an attempt to try to calm these customers, the American President and COO of Samsung, Tim Baxter released a video on the Samsung site explaining the details of the recall in full.

In the video, he revealed that Samsung has already exchanged 130,000 Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices and they aim to exchange every single Note 7 still in circulation asap.

Samsung says that they have now fixed the problem, advising customers to exchange their phones today in preparation for the roll-out of what they claim to be less-volatile Galaxy Note 7s.

Baxter said that this roll out with comments no later than September 21st.

You can watch the full video below.

Source: Samsung

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