Back in 2013 Samsung acquired Boxee for $30 million, but didn’t really do anything with it during the time that has passed so far, it now looks like Samsung has finally decided to kill off the acquisition, with reports from Variety claiming that Samsung is laying off the entirety of the Boxee team, and cutting off its work.

The former Boxee CEO Avner Ronen also left the company after working as the VP of product recently.

Variety then goes on to claim that Samsung previously invested in adding members to the Boxee team, growing the staff numbers from 40 to nearly 100, which was done to build a better experience for watching TV.

The idea was to create a media tablet that will work as a remote control but also replace it, which uses a custom interface that would show options for live TV alongside streaming offerings, but in a way that is meant to be used communally rather than by a single user, to do this Samsung was looking to partner with various operators.

Despite all of these plans, Samsung didn’t end up doing anything with Boxee, and now reports claim that the project has been cancelled and Samsung has laid of a large number of the Boxee team including those which it previously hired.

According to the report this is all because Samsung had problems with making deals with content providers for the tablet.

All in all this is all quite said, especially given that Boxee was actually a pretty cool service before Samsung acquired it.

In case you don’t remember what Boxee was, here’s a video overview for you:

Source: Variety

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