Rumors have been circulating that Samsung (along with almost every other tech company), will be releasing their own smartwatch, with reports claiming that the watch could launch as soon as September 4th.

Rumors suggest that the new wristwear from Samsung will be called the Samsung Galaxy Gear, and it seems that mat be true as the Twitter account, @evleaks have today posted screenshots of the Gear Manager app, which has been designed for Android to all the user to control the smartwatch.

The image which leaked actually shows us more than that, not only confirming the model number SM-V700 (if true), it also shows that the watch will use NFC pairing, alongside which there’s even a “find my watch” tool, as well as links to Samsung’s Apps application.

However there’s nothing official yet, for that we will just have to wait and see what comes from Samsung.

Source: @evleaks -Twitter

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