We have heard the news that the iPhone 8 may or may not feature an embedded fingerprint sensor for some time now, some sources have suggested that it will while others have suggested that it won’t.

A rumour that was posted today suggests that Apple isn’t going to be the only company who is working on this embedded sensor, Samsung may be too.

So if they don’t, Samsung might just beat Apple to the punch.

However, despite the latest reports surrounding the Galaxy Note 8 and Galaxy S9, today’s rumour is about next year’s Galaxy Note 9.

The report is from KGI Securities, who predicted that Samsung may embed this sensor under the display of the Note 9. They also suggested that the Galaxy S9 will have a rear-mounted sensor, however, it will reportedly be in a new and more ergonomic position.

The reason that they are reporting it for release with the Note 9 is that getting this technology produced on a mass scale is hard, the same problem that Apple has currently.

KGI also stated that Samsung will replace their current sensor supplier Synapsis, with Egis who are apparently 4-5 times more expensive than what Samsung currently use.

Given that the Note 9 is a long way off, we don’t know much about this handset yet but we will be sure to update you as we hear more.

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