2011 seems to be a very good year for Samsung – it launched many good devices, its Galaxy S2 was recognized as the best device in the smartphone market, its Galaxy Nexus received rather good reviews, and now many geeks are speaking about the mysterious Galaxy S3, which is rumored to be launched rather soon (together with a number of less impressive devices) and inherit the title of the best smartphone from the Galaxy S2.

One could think that Samsung would forget all its older phones in this bustle and focus on the upcoming ones only, but no, it didn’t – and now an Android 2.3.6 update is coming to the Samsung Galaxy S (from Three) and to the famous S2. They say the update is designed to fix some bugs (namely the lock screen hang bug that has been so much discussed lately) and bring in some improvements including the camera interface and 3G speed (this one was a bit unexpected, right?). There are rumors that the update includes some performance and security improvements, too, but not much is known about these yet.

So if you want to update your Samsung Galaxy S2 or Galaxy S to Android 2.3.6, go to Settings -> About phone -> Check for updates.

By the way, you’ve probably already heard that the Galaxy S2 will most likely receive Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, but I guess this update is the last one for the Galaxy S (I don’t think Samsung or any of the mobile operators will ever bring ICS to the Galaxy S – it’s getting too old, after all).

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