Not only will Samsung update the Galaxy Note 8 soon but they are also expected to update some of their other smartphones too, including the Galaxy Active line.

Today we received some images of this soon to be updated version of the Active, the Samsung Galaxy S8 today, which will be an updated version of the S7 Active with a similar ruggedized design.

The new images were posted Reddit originally, where it was discovered by the guys over at Android Police.

It is expected that the new S8 Active will feature a protective rubberized shell that helps it to be protected from a range of knocks and drops, meaning that you can be active with your smartphone, as the name suggests.

Sometimes the Active smartphones don’t feature the specifications of the flagship smartphones or anything similar, and it will also be thicker than those smartphones.

We don’t know much about the specifications for the S8 Active yet, however, it has been reported that it will have the same battery as the S7 Active, which was rated at 4,000mAh.

That’s 1,000 more mAh than the S8 and 500mAh more than the S8 Plus.

It is expected that we will hear more about this device along with the official details alongside the Galaxy Note 8 unveiling next month, at which point we will update you. In the meantime, check out the video below for a quick look.

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