Samsung have always been known to pick up on whats doing well and then announce their own version of it, its something they did with the Samsung Galaxy series, and now its something they have done with LED lighting, this week announcing a range of new LED lamp solutions during the Light + Building 2014 trade fair.

“Based on our extensive experience with semiconductor and LED technology, as well as our knowledge of the appliances industry, we are in a unique position to deliver exciting smart solutions for the LED Lighting industry,” said Hee-Chong Yoon, Vice President of LED Lamp Marketing at Samsung Electronics. “Our ultimate goal is to connect the digital dots in our customer’s lives and Samsung is well positioned to deliver LED solutions for the Smart Homes of the future.”

The first model in the range is the new Smart Bulb, which uses Bluetooth technology and allows users to connect and control it remotely from a smartphone or tablet, allowing them to access and control up to 64 Smart Bulbs from an included application, without addition equipment needed.

The Smart Bulbs can be dimmed down to 10% brightness, and is CCT turnable from 2700K to 6500K, with a lifetime of up to 15,000 hours per Smart Bulb.

Next on the list is the PAR-Series which has been made to provide quality lighting without straining already existing features, but still featuring a unique modern design, that combines the spotlight and the fixture itself, alongside a swivel head that allows the user to get the bulb in almost any position.

The LED Classic Lamp and the L-tube series are the last one the list, suited for various different situations.

There’s no word yet on availability or pricing.

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