Samsung has just launched a new app for Galaxy S III users that will allow them to easily view turn-by turn directions, use handsfree calling and stream any music stored on their phone through their car’s speakers, all from one app, the DriveLink application.

The new application will also integrate with any of the other driving apps you have on your phone and allows you to easy select new options whilst on the road via a set of large buttons and a simple menu structure.

DriveLink will also be able to find directions to any address which can you have on a text message or on the S Calender app, which can be navigated to by simply pressing them within the application, or if you prefer you can select preset address or chose a destination previously visited or one from teh favorites list.

Samsung have also implemented a new Text-to-Speech function which will read your messages out loud when you receive a text, email or social network update, allowing you to keep your eyes on the road and not the screen.

Alongside all of that, Samsung have also made MirrorLink compatible with DriveLink allowing you to connect the S III to the car’s entertainment system and view messages through the car’s own display, alongside streaming music through the car’s speakers.

The app is available to download from today on the Samsung App Store, but so far it is only available to those who own a Galaxy S III, Samsung have said they will make the app available to other Android 4.0 ICS devices in the near future.

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