Samsung have announced the launch of their newest robotic vacuum cleaner, the Navibot S, which includes the same sort of design as previous models as you would expect but with a few new features.

One feature that’s new is the 12 obstacle sensors placed around Navibot which combined with the built-in digital camera capable of capturing 15 frames per second, allows the NaviBot S to use the company’s Visionary Mapping Plus System and easily learn the shape of you room and begin cleaning.

Once it has learnt its surroundings the NaviBot will begin to move freely around the room at a press of a button, or via an automatic cleaning schedule, after it’s finished it will dock itself into the charging pod and empty the waste into the two-litre dustbin included in the pod.

Once fully charged the NaviBot S will begin to navigate its way back to where it left of, and continue the job it was first set to do, there’s also an Auto Dust Sensor included within the robot cleaner, that allows the NaviBot to find the dirtiest parts of a room to focus more on, there’s also a remote control to make not getting out of your set even easier.

The Samsung NaviBot S is available from today for £550, check out the source link below for more information.

Source: Samsung

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