Today Samsung released their own paid applications store for all Andriod users, here in the UK which they have called the Premium Apps Store and will allow you to access existing Samsung apps alongside other premium applications and games.

As a test Samsung have started with the UK, but do plan to roll out the new store within other countries, with the aim of providing new Premium Apps with quick and easy payments, with your payments made through your credit/ debit card or even through PayPal. Samsung released their own press statement explaining the new service:

The Samsung Apps Store for Android offers a raft of premium mobile apps that can be purchased in addition to the current Samsung free App download option. Among the premium apps available, favourites include Zenonia (the real time combat and exploration quest), The Sims 3 HD, Need for Speed Shift HD and 9mm. With no sign up process required, Samsung’s new Premium Apps Store is an easy way for Android customers to access and purchase the latest high quality apps for their mobile devices.

The current payment method is simply through credit card billing, however in the near future the purchased premium app will simply be added to the customer’s phone bill or deducted from a SIM card balance, making it even easier to get hold of the latest must-have apps in just two clicks.

Simon Stanford, the Marketing Director for the UK and Ireland added:

“Anyone that signs up to Samsung Apps Store for Android today, will find a multitude of free and premium apps already available. In the spirit of providing Android users with the best possible mobile experience, it is our intention to continue to develop this premium service to ensure our customers have access to all the latest great content on Android.”

What do you think? Have you downloaded the new application store yet? What do you think about it?

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