You may remember the Samsung Galaxy Beam, but you probably haven’t actually seen anyone with one. But the company isn’t done with the mobile projection field just yet with the release of a dedicated Pico Projector made for specifically for the company’s Galaxy line-up.

The product which Samsung have named the  EAD-R10 mini-projector is only currently available to buy in South Korea, and will allow you to connect an MHL-supported Galaxy device to the projector and project images and video with up to 20ANSI lumens and a mHD resolution of 640 x 360.

With the addition of a loudspeaker you can also play sound and music through the device and is only about as big as the Galaxy S III, making it great for pocket portability, there is a full-size HDMI port meaning you can also plug-in your laptop or any other HDMI capable device.

With 1650mAh battery Samsung claims the device will last two hours with non-stop recording, which means Lord of the Rings marathons may be a little tricky, however you may not even get a chance to try out the device as there’s no news if the company will launch the device outside of South Korea.

Via: Slashgear

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