Last month we received a rumour that Samsung Pay would be launching in the UK soon and today Samsung confirmed that news, officially launching the Samsung Pay system in the UK.

You can use it in the UK today if you own the Galaxy S6, Galaxy S7, Galaxy S8, the Galaxy A3, or the Galaxy A5.

From all of these devices, you will be able to pay for items without the need of cards or cash. To start off with, Samsung has teamed up with Visa, however, only those who bank with MBNA, Nationwide, or Santander will be able to use it.

That said, we expect that this line up will be developed over time.

If you haven’t already installed Samsung Pay on your device then you will need to do that to get started.

Once installed, you will be able to add a Visa card to the application and then use them by swiping up on your phone’s screen, selecting you card, and then authenticating the payment via fingerprint, iris scan, or a passcode.

Once you have finished that, you will be able to pay for items by touching your phone to the payment terminal.

This is similar to Android Pay and Apple Pay, however, Samsung Pay does have some extra features that make it compatible with more terminals.

For now, it is only available on smartphones, however, Samsung did say that the Gear S3 will be getting support “soon”.

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