So far Samsung’s only been launched in the US and in Korea, so news that the service might launch in the UK as early as this month interested us today.

This news was reported by SamMobile that this release date might be as soon as May 16th.

SamMobile says that their source for this was a tipster who sent SamMobile a few screenshots, recording a chat log between the tipster and two Samsung UK reps (pictured above).

In this image, we can see that both of the reps claimed that May 16 would be the date for the launch of Samsung Pay.

In case you don’t already know, Samsung Pay is a pretty interesting mobile payments system due to the fact that it can work with both NFC and MST-based terminals, which means that it works with a lot more systems over Apple Pay or Android Pay.

That said, UK stores are already mostly NFC enabled, so MST isn’t needed as much over other countries, but it does provide extra security options.

Sadly, this isn;t official yet, however, when we learn of an official UK release date for Samsung Pay, we will be sure to let you know.

Source: Sammobile



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