Samsung Pay was only launched in the UK a short time ago with a small selection of banks to use it with, which left a lot of people without the option of using the service, instead, they are forced to use something else.

But as of today, the mobile payment service has been expanded in the Uk with the addition of three more banks to add to the service.

These banks include First Direct, HSBC and M&S Bank and join the already existing Santander, MBNA and Nationwide compatibility.

You can add you card for any of these banks to Samsung Pay right now.

However, Samsung Pay is only compatible with the Samsung Galaxy S8, S8 Plus, S6, and the S7 smartphones as well as Samsung’s Gear S3 watch, so you can only use it if you have one of those.

If you don’t see your card on there yet, don’t worry.

It is expected that Samsung will be expanding the service further with more bank additions soon.


We will update you as they do.

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