Samsung has today released another set of photos on Twitter that could tease some of the features that we can expect from the Galaxy S6.

Tagged with #TheNextGalaxy, the photos both feature a lightning bolt with each one stating a different phase that hints towards battery enhancements. The first has the slogan “Stop less. Discover More.” (pictured above) and the second shows “Get more done. Get more time.” (pictured below.

We expect that both of these photos will link to what Samsung has already said about the S6, recently revealing that it will feature wireless charging.

S6 teaser 2

The photos do however also hint that the Galaxy S6, and possibly the Galaxy S6 Edge will offer an enhanced battery life when compared to their predecessors.

They could also reveal faster charging times on both devices, and maybe some more battery saving features.

We have also heard that the S6 will feature an enhanced camera, a new metal an glass unibody design and even a brand new UI that removes most of the bloatware from the phone.

However until Samsung’ Unpacked 2015 event hits MWC 2015 on March 1st we won’t know any official details.

So make sure to check back then.

Sources: @SamsungMobile (image 1), @SamsungMobile (image 2)

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