Samsung has this week announced a new partnership with the BBC, launching an official BBC micro-bit application for the Android platform.

The app is now available for free to download and has been designed to help young people code with the BBC’s micro:bit computer.

This comes as part of the BBC’s plans to provide all year 7 or equivalent students this year, with the aims to provide students with the knowledge of coding.

Samsung explains more:

The BBC micro:bit, which will be delivered free to all year 7 or equivalent students this year, is a small programmable hardware device that aims to transform a new generation from passive users of technology to creators and innovators in today’s digital world. Samsung is a key partner in making this free drop of 1 million devices possible in the BBC’s most ambitious education initiative in thirty years.

By connecting the BBC micro:bit to smartphones and tablets, which young people are already very comfortable with, the app will introduce them to “connected technology” and the Internet of Things. This is important as coding becomes an integral skill in today’s job market, where code is not only at the heart of technology but also at the heart of products, for example, household appliances in the connected home.

You can find out more about it at the source link below.

Source Samsung

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