Since RIM released their very own messenger service it seems that everyone has decided to join in, with Apple releasing its iMessage service very soon, Samsung has decided to compete with them all by releasing it’s very own service called ChatON, which is a group-messaging service that will work across multiple platforms with text, image and video support.

The new ChatON service will come bundled with all of Samsung’s Galaxy smartphones and tablets, as well as smartphones running the Bada operating system, the big twist is that there will also be an app on both Blackberry and iOS devices allowing free communication across all platforms.

The service is aimed to be released in October with support in over 120 countries and 62 languages, this service will defiantly compete with the other services already out there just because of its massive user base, from which Apple’s and RIM’s services do not.

As such the main advantage to Samsung’s service is it is not exclusive to a Samsung device like iMessage and BBM, which means you can use ChatON to communicate with friends on any of these platforms. But there is one disadvantage that I have already noticed, which is the overall look and fell off the app, to me it looks a bit too outdated.

What do you think? Is ChatON better than iMessage or BBM or even third party apps like WhatsApp? What messaging service do you use?

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