Today Samsung revealing the pricing for their 2017 MU Series of HDR TVs, which are a tier underneath their latest QLED series, providing great picture quality but with lower price tags than the QLED series.

All of the models with the MU Series come with support for 4K Ultra HD resolutions and High Dynamic Range (HDR), as well as with support for the open HDR10 standard instead of Dolby Vision.

It also comes with Samsung’s new Smart TV user interface, and their Smart Remote Control which works like a normal remote but also features voice support.

The cheapest of the series is the MU 6, which will be available in sizes ranging from 40-inches to 75-inches for from $550 in the US. For that price, you get all of what we previously mentioned.

The MU 7 adds upon that with Samsung’s 4K Color Drive Pro tech for a wider range of colour. It will be available with sizes from 40-inches to 65-inches for from $700 in the US. The MU 8 tops that with Samung’s 4K HDR Extreme, 4k Color Drive Extreme, and Triple Black technology.

The MU 8 will be available in sizes from 49-inches to 82-inches for from $1,200.

But that’s still not all.

The top of the line model, the MU 9 tops all of those with all of what we previously mentioned as well as Triple Black Extreme technology and an antireflective layer to reduce glare.

The MU 9 will be available in 55, 65, and 75-inch versions for from $2,000.

You can order some of these today and pre-order others from the source link below. Unfortunately, we don’t know details about the UK or other worldwide availability or pricing just yet.

Source: Samsung

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