Shortly after Apple revealed its own earnings report, Samsung also released details on its Q1 2014 earnings, revealing smartphones sales of 86 million for the company, a huge lead when compared to Apple for the last quarter.

Research from Strategy Analytics also shows that Samsung has maintained a 29.6 percent global smartphone market share, compared to Apple’s 17.6 percent, as well as mentioned that Chinese OEMs also gaining popularity in low-end segment markets, with Huawei Technologies and Lenovo grabbing third and fourth place on the market share list respectively.

Strategy Analytics analyst Linda Sui said: “There is clearly now more competition coming from the second-tier smartphone brands. Huawei, LG Electronics and Lenovo each grew their smartphone shipments around two times faster than the global industry average. Samsung and Apple will need to fight hard to hold off these and other hungry challengers during 2014.”

Huawei also revealed that it sold almost 16.6 million handsets with a 5.7 percent market share, and Lenovo sold 13.7 million with a 4.7 percent market share.

Total global smartphone shipments for the year ending December 2013 also grew by 41 percent with a record of 990 million smartphone sales, within which Samsung sold a massive 319.8 million smartphones with a 32.4 percent market share, and Apple sold 153.5 million smartphones with a 15.5 percent market share.

Source: Reuters

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