Samsung has finally released their series 7 all-in-one which they teased at Computex in June. the new AIO will include a 10-point touch display and will be available in 23 or 27 inch variants, both of which have been made specifically to run on the new Windows 8 Operating System and will feature a 1080p touchscreen, the 23 inch model will be priced at $1,099 (around £700) and will run Intel’s Core i5 Processor, with 6GBs of RAM, 1TB of storage and Intel’s Graphics 4000.

The 27 inch model of the Series 7 will offer up a Core i7 processor, 8GBs of RAm, 1TB of storage and AMDs Radeon HD 7850M GPU, but will also carry a higher price at $1,699 (around £1100).

But that’s not your only option, as alongside the Series 7, Samsung have also introduced the new 21.5 inch Series 5 all-in-one which is more of the budget AIO, for those who don’t want to pay the price of the Series 7, but of course this will mean a lower specs, which will include a Core i5 processor, 4GBs of RAM and 500GBs of storage, but the smaller price of $749 (around £500) does make up for that.

All of the new All-in-Ones will include two USB 3.0 ports, three USB 2.0 connections, HDMI and a media card reader, and will go on sale on October 26th.

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