In what could be an accident or even on purpose, Samsung has revealed images of the new Smart Tango Corner Clean robotic vacuüm cleaner (try saying that three times fast) on their Flicker account, the images don’t come with many details but do mention that the new vacuüm cleaner has an upgraded dust removal capability for corners and includes two fixed side brushes and what Samsung are calling the world’s “first pop out brush”.

What makes me think this was an accident and someone might be getting a telling of is that the title says “Samsung Releases robotic vacuüm cleaner Smart Tango Corner Clean”, so its likely that these images where to be included with a press release for tomorrow as the listing also states that Samsung released the cleaner on the 2nd.

There’s not much more information than that, but its likely we will see a press release with more information on specs, availability and pricing tomorrow.

The cleaner will also presumably be demoed at CES 2013 so we should be able to see a bit more next week alongside, in the meantime you can keep up on all the news for CES 2013 at our dedicated page.

8331898633_42d282df73_z (1)

Source: Flickr


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