This week Samsung unveiled the results of their investigation into the Galaxy Note 7 fires.

They say that the results of these investigations were that the fires were due to two battery flaws, the first of which had to do with how the original batteries for the Note 7 were manufactured, the casing was too small to fit the electrode assembly inside, leading the short-circuiting.

Samsung did attempt to fix this problem early on, moving to replace the batteries with safer versions, however, there was then a second flaw that surfaced.

According to the report, these battery replacements were prone ti short-circuiting and bursting into flames.

In the future, Samsung says that they will be enacting a number of changes to their internal processes to avoid making this same mistake, they plan to assign new teams to own the final checks for each of the device’s core components, with a new 8-point test for batteries that will range from visual inspection to full disassembly.

Samsung hopes that this will result in more customer trust, especially for their next planned flagship, which will probably be unveiled at Mobile World Congress next month.

In the meantime, they released the following video to explain the report:

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