Samsung has today sent out invites to an event on June 12th called “Galaxy Premiere 2014”, which is where we expect the company will show off a new selection of its Tab devices, and may even be where the company releases the long-rumoured Galaxy S5 Prime and S5 Mini devices.

The event will be hosted in New York City, and that’s about all we know in terms of a confirmation, aside from the slogan “Tab into colour”, which is our main reason for the Tab announcement theory.

This could also point to the release of these new devices in a range of colours.

According to the rumour mill, Samsung will release three new Samsung Galaxy tab devices, all of which will be joining their “Galaxy tab S” range, and are expected to include AMOLED screens, with a version that has a 13.3 inch display.

Aside from that we don’t know too much else at the moment, but we will be bringing you to official stuff on June 12th.

Via: Android Central

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