Earlier today Samsung announced that they had stopped production of the Galaxy Note 7 after a number exploded.

As part of this, Samsung will be allowing anyone who had previously purchased a Note 7 to return the device and either get a refund for the device, or exchange it for another Samsung device.

But getting them all back may cause some problems, considering that the phone is likely to explode then it is also likely that they might explode in transit.

So to try and stop the terrorist alarms at the Post Office from going off Samsung has sent out fireproof boxes to send them back in, its a thermally isolated box that sits inside of a box, that sits inside of another box and comes with a set of safety gloves for you to wear when packing the device, mainly to stop your skin from touching the material that Samsung used, which could irritate it.

The guys over at xdadevelopers unboxed this box, within a box, within a box, you can check that out below.

Source: xdadevelopers

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