It seems that the Galaxy Note 7 isn’t the only thing in Samsung’s arsenal that spontaneously combusts, one of their stores does as well.

This is according to a report from Channel News Asia, who stated that Samsung Experience Store at the AMK Hub in Singapore caught fire earlier today, forced the store to shut up shop for the day and possibly even longer, alongside the stores that are next to the store.

The fire did happen before the store opened, so thankfully there weren’t many people inside and“no one was injured during the incident” according to Samsung. quickly extinguished by overhead sprinklers

The fire was quickly extinguished by overhead sprinklers, meaning that Samsung was able to reduce any damage that might have been caused by the fire, however, we don’t yet know where the damage lies or the cause of the fire starting, of course, so are worrying that this could be a phone setting fire, which is quite a valid concern given the recent Note 7 problems.

It does make you think, the Note 7 would have been pretty great with a sprinkler attached.

What makes this story particularly interesting is that it is just a day away from the expected unveiling of the new Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus in New York City tomorrow, we just hope that this isn’t some kind of foreshadowing.

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