For some time now, iFixit has been tearing down products after they have been released, providing us with a one-of-a-kind look into the insides of the device.

But today Samsung has decided to do something different, tearing down the upcoming Gear S3 smartwatch, ahead of its official release.

This tear-down shows some photos of the inside of the S3 smartwatch, providing a look at what is inside of the device and how it has been constructed.


Samsung explained more about the watch with the following.

Bringing together the art of analog watchmaking and mobile innovation, the Gear S3 is a device that has a premium design, standalone connectivity and a slew of life proof features.

To incorporate these functions and features, designers and engineers had to embed numerous pieces and parts into the elegant 46mm x 49mm x 12.9mm body of the Gear S3. Here’s a closer look at some of the major components that make Samsung’s latest smartwatch “tick”.

The Gear S3 will be released this week, but ahead of that time, you can take a quick look at it via the source link below.

Source Samsung

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