Overall Rating: [rating=3]

The Tocco Quick Tap at first glance looks like a replica of the Tocco Lite released back in 2009, but don’t be fooled by its looks because this phone is packing some pretty impressive features, probably the newest and most impressive is its ability to take mobile payments through Near Field Communications.

The NFC technology will allow you to transfer data to devices in a very short proximity, similar to Bluetooth, and can be used for a variety of different transactions from Oyster card payments on public transport alongside integration with Barclaycard to process mobile payments at supporting retailers.

The mobile payments feature basically allows you to pay for anything under £15 just by waving your phone over a modified chip and pin machine, saving you the time of having to find your various cards and wallets but is still very secure.

Aside from NFC the rest of the phone is pretty much the same as the Tocco Lite,  with a unimpressive camera and limited connectivity options to GPRS and EDGE, although the Tocco Lite was a really good phone two years ago, it is defiantly too outdated and I can’t help to think Samsung could have put  a bit more effort into making the phone that little bit better.

This is defiantly a brilliant idea to bring NFC into mobile’s but I am just not sure whether this is the phone to do it, as well as the simple fact that only certain stores carry contactless payments you will still be sifting for your cards for a while yet.

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