This week Samsung unveiled a new addition to their 2017 range of soundbars, called the MS750 Sound+ Soundbar.

They are calling this soundbar their flagship soundbar for 2017, packing it with some awesome specs that might just tempt you into putting it below your TV.

It is a 5-channel soundbar that consists of 11 speakers.

There are three wide-range tweeters, six woofers, and two ‘vertical’ wide-range tweeters.

Samsung has also said that this speaker configuration will also allow you to expand your sound stage, however, they did not mention support for Dolby Atmos, instead, they seem to be using their own 3D surround sound tech to give the impression that sound is above or behind you.

To top that off, you can also expand the soundbar from a 5-channel soundbar to a 5.1 soundbar by pairing it with their W700 subwoofer

It also comes with UHD upscaling that uses Samsung’s Ultra High Quality 32-bit audio technology to preserve the original recording, which comes alongside their Smart Sound Mode which will identify movie, voice, music or sports automatically and optimise the sound effects accordingly.

All of this comes in a sleek design that can be mounted directly to a Samsung TV to create a complete look.

It also features 4K pass-through.

The MS750 Sound+ Soundbar will be available for $499.99 in the US, and the W700 will be available separately for $699.99.

We don’t know about UK pricing or availability yet.

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