Today Samsung announced the launch of some new mobile accessories.

In total, they unveiled a total of six new devices, with some new speakers, headphones, a battery pack, and more, all of which have been added to their range of accessories.

These new accessories include a Wireless Speaker Bottle, a Wireless Charger Tray, a Wireless Speaker Scoop, and some new in-ear headphones.

Samsung explained more about them with the following:

Some of Samsung Electronics’ latest mobile and entertainment accessories, available exclusively online, will be rolled out in markets worldwide beginning in November.

The six accessories – currently available in Korea – range from wireless speakers and earphones to charging accessories. Designed with style, comfort and performance in mind, the exclusive items were created to both enhance users’ mobile experience and help them get more out of their devices.

You can also read more about them at the source link below.

Source Samsung

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