As has previously been rumoured, Oculus and Samsung teamed up on the MWC 2017 stage today to announced an updated version of their Gear VR headset.

With this new version, you get a new virtual reality headset that comes with some lens optimisations with the addition of new support for a motion and touch controller, allowing for easier game interactions.

The lens optimisations are the most interesting addition, with newly upgraded 42mm lenses that features the same 101-degree field of view as the previous lenses, but with improved distortion correction for reducing motion sickness.

This new controller is similar to the HTC Vive controller, featuring a flat ergonomic design with a circular touchpad on top that allows you to navigate menus and use during gameplay.

The controller also features a trigger button and dedicated controls for home, back, and volume, alongside a built-in gyrometer, accelerometer, and magnetic sensors.

Sadly, it requires AAA batteries, rather than featuring a rechargeable battery.

At launch, the Gear VR will support the Galaxy S7 and S6 line, and presumably the rumoured S8.

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