As part of their recent acquisition Samsung and SmartThings have been working together to make The Internet of Things a thing, SmartThings has today announced their next generation devices to be launched later this year.

One of the main new additions is the new version of the SmartThings Hub which will allow all the other SmartThings devices to connect with one another.

This new version is said to vv. a lot faster, be able to run apps locally instead of from another device and it comes with both a backup battery and more options to connect to the internet, meaning that if your network or your power goes out, the SmartThings hub will still remain on.

Alongside the hub SmartThings has also released details on modified versions of the SmartSense Presence, SmartSense Motion, and SmartSense Multi sensors, all coming with a new reduced size that is around one-third of the size when compared to the first-generation devices.

Finally SmartThings also announced a new subscription service called SmartThings Premium, which will allow users to set up call or text notifications to various contacts as soon as one of your smart devices detects a problem such as flooding or even security issues.

SmartThings have also announced new integrations with their Opem Platform with the following devices:

• Netgear and D-Link cameras

• Somfy window shades

• Racchio water irrigation system

• Chamberlain garage door openers

• August locks

• Weatherbug climate data

• Samsung smart appliances

As of yet no pricing has been announced for SmartThings Premium or the new SmartThings Hub and sensors, but we should know more soon as they are set for release in North America this April.

Source: SmartThings

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