We have already seen a lot of early announcements ahead of CES next week and today we have yet another for you.

This time, the news comes from Samsung, who revealed the technology that they will be bringing to CES 2017. One of the biggest products that they will be showing off (literally), is their new H7 Wireless Speaker, which comes with the claim that they will be bringing “the future of audio” to CES 2017.

What makes the speaker particularly interesting is that it uses something that Samsung is calling Ultra-high Quality Sound, or UHQ.

They say that UHQ will be capable of taking 8-bit to 24-bit signals and converting them to 32-bit, which isn’t exactly new. What is new is something that they are calling Distortion Cancelling, which is an algorithm that they claim to be capable of “intelligently predict a woofer’s movement, control it, and play more solid and stable sound at low pitch.”

Samsung also hopes to woo you with the design of the H7 Wireless Speaker, which has a chunky but simple design that looks surprisingly sleek.

Samsung will also be bringing the MS750 sound bar to CES 2017, which also features a similarly simple design, with the same UHQ 32-bit sound.

And that’s not all, they also have a new Ultra HD Blu-ray player for CES, which is called the M9500 UHD and has been optimised for HDR playback, with the capability of making video and audio adjustments on the fly for HDR, Dolby Atmos, and DTS-X.

It also features a simple design.

Samsung hasn’t revealed any other specs, pricing, or availability details for any of these new products yet, however, we should hear more at CES next week.

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