At the end of their Mobile World Congress 2017 press conference, and in a set of press invites that the company set out, Samsung teased the upcoming release of the Samsung Galaxy S8.

In this teaser, Samsung invites the press and their customers to “unbox their phones” which could be an attempt to draw users away from LG’s designed for you message for the G6.

Elsewhere on the invite, Samsung reveals that they will be unveiling the smartphone at an event in New York City on March 29th, just about exactly how we expected it.

They continued this teasing with the following Tweets:

At the moment both of these teasers don’t reveal much about the smartphone, however, it is very likely that we will see many new rumours and leaks about the phone over the coming weeks.

We should also see more official stuff about the smartphone on March 29th, at which point we will be sure to update you.

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