According to a number of reports for sites who have received an invite for Samsung, the company will be unveiling its next Galaxy smartphone(s) in New York on August 13th.

This was reportedly confirmed in an invite that was sent to members of the press for a dedicated event where we expect that Samsung will announce the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, as well as a new Samsung Gear smartwatch that is said to be called the Gear A.

We have heard a lot of rumours about the two smartphones over the last couple of months, with a leaks suggesting that the phones will be available for purchase from August 21st.

In terms of the bite itself, Samsung seems to be focusing on a single phone, which we presume will be the Note 5. If it is the Note 5, the invite shows us some hints at the shape of the smartphone, which looks to have a curved edge.

However as nothing is official yet, we don’t know anything official about the smartphone just yet, we will just have to let you know when Samsung unveils it on August 13th.

Source: TechCrunch

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